Patching Oozie in a parcel-based CDH 5.8.0 Installation

This blogpost will guide you to the process of cloning, patching, building and deploying a custom version of the oozie workflow engine based on the cdh 5.8.0 source code that is available on github.
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how to access a remote ha-enabled hdfs in a (oozie) distcp action

how to inject the configuration of a remote ha-hdfs in a distcp call without modifing the local cluster configuration.
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Passing many parameters from Java action to Oozie workflow

oozie’s ‘capture-output’ is a powerful method the pass dynamic configuration properties from action to action, but you may hit the maximum size limit quite fast. Read more

Using Accumulos RangePartioner in a m/r job (and Oozie workflow)

How to use Accumulos RangePartioner to increase your mr-job ingest rate (and the neccessary pieces to include it into an oozie worflow)
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oozie-graphite available for CDH5

Our open source project oozie-graphite is now available for CDH5.
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Increasing mapreduce.job.counters.max on CDH5 YARN (MR2)

How to increase mapreduce.job.counters.max on YARN (MR2) for HUE / HIVE / OOZIE.
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Oozie bundle monitoring: tapping into hadoop counters

This is the first post about GraphiteMRCounterExecutor use cases: we start by utilizing already available hadoop counters that deliver very valueable graphs.
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Oozie monitoring : coordinator action timeouts

The internal Oozie instrumentation increments counters for various coordinator related actions. Graphing a subset of these counters by utilizing oozie-graphite gives you a good visualisation of your coordinator actions waiting for data to become available and if these dependencies were finally fulfilled or if they did timeout eventually.
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Oozie monitoring: graphing action performance

The internal Oozie instrumentation keeps track of average execution times for each action type. Graphing a subset of these metrics by utilizing oozie-graphite gives you a good visualisation of your coordinator action performance, especially if you are running custom oozie actions.
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