Oozie bundle monitoring: installing GraphiteMRCounterExecutor

by thomas.memenga on 2013-10-04

Oozie bundle monitoring: installing GraphiteMRCounterExecutor

A step-by-step guide on how to install oozie-graphite’s GraphiteMRCounterExecutor.

This blog entry is a step-by-step guide for the GraphiteMRCounterExecutor module installation.

If you were already using GraphiteInstrumentationService, you could skip the steps “Installing the jar”, because everything is already in place. Just continue with “Configuring oozie”.


You will need:

  * Oozie 3.3.x server
  * Graphite server

Installing the jar

You can grab a current 1.x.y release from https://github.com/syscrest/oozie-graphite/releases and add it to your bundle instance:

Vanilla Oozie:

See Oozie 3.3.0 Documentation - Oozie server setup for details on how to do this (= put oozie-graphite-*.jar in your extlib directory and (re-)run bin/oozie-setup.sh).

Cloudera CDH 4.3.0:

Place the jar in /var/lib/oozie.

Configuring oozie

Configure logging /conf/oozie-log4j.properties:

cd /conf
echo "log4j.logger.com.syscrest=INFO, oozie" >> oozie-log4j.properties

You need to register the classname and xsd file name within oozie by adding them to /conf/oozie-site.xml.

Append com.syscrest.oozie.graphite.GraphiteMRCounterExecutor to your oozie.service.ActionService.executor.ext.classes configuration:


append graphite-mr-counter-action-1.0.xsd to your oozie.service.SchemaService.wf.ext.schemas configuration:



Go on and restart oozie so it picks up the new configuration.

Congratulations, your oozie instance is ready for your oozie-graphite enhanced coordinators / bundles! Continue reading Oozie bundle monitoring: tapping into hadoop counters for an example on how to modify your workflows.