Oozie monitoring: installing GraphiteInstrumentationService

This blog entry is a step-by-step guide for the GraphiteInstrumentationService module installation.


You will need:

  • Oozie 3.3.x server
  • Graphite server

Installing the jar

You can grab a 1.x.y release from https://github.com/syscrest/oozie-graphite/releases and add it to your oozie instance:

Vanilla Oozie:

See Oozie 3.3.0 Documentation – Oozie server setup for details on how to do this (= put oozie-graphite-*.jar in your extlib directory and (re-)run bin/oozie-setup.sh).

Cloudera CDH 4.3.0:

Place the jar in /var/lib/oozie.

Configuring oozie

Configure logging <OOZIE-HOME>/conf/oozie-log4j.properties:

cd <OOZIE-HOME>/conf
echo "log4j.logger.com.syscrest=INFO, oozie" >> oozie-log4j.properties

Add GraphiteInstrumentationService-specific configuration to <OOZIE-HOME>/conf/oozie-site.xml.

Append com.syscrest.oozie.graphite.GraphiteInstrumentationService to your oozie.services.ext configuration:


Define your metrics push interval (in seconds):


Configure your graphite hostname / ip-address, the port and transport type (TCP/UDP) your carbon daemon is listening on:


Choose a prefix to use for all metric names. Something like infra.YourOozieServerName.oozie or perhaps oozie.OozieServerName that matches your graphite metrics namespace conventions:


Optional: If you want you could specify a black- and whitelist to filter distinct metrics. I would recommend skipping this for now to be able to explore the full tree.

Configuring graphite

Add a new section configuring your chosen prefix in <graphite-home>/conf/storage-schemas.conf and align the resolution with your push interval:

pattern = infra.yourServer.oozie.*
retentions = 60s:180d


Go on and restart graphite and oozie (in that order), so they pick up the new configuration:

  • Restart graphite
  • Restart oozie

Unfiltered (no white-/blacklist) oozie instrumentation can lead to 100+ metrics in Graphite and your carbon configuration might prevent the instant creation of all metrics at once. In that case, just wait for a couple of minutes (depending on your configured push interval / carbon configuration).

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